Different types of Fire Starters to try

A fire starter is a special type of tool (or device) that can be used to start a fire, especially under outdoor situations. These devices are popular among hikers and mountain climbers. If you are a novice camper or a climber and plan your first night out at a jungle or a mountain top, a knowledge about different types of fire starters would be very handy.


In fact, the modern-day market comprises of plenty of fire starters with different functionalities. We will list down some of the most impressive options in this article for your reference.


  1. Mini Compact Kerosene Lighter

This is an excellent choice for those who prefer compactness. This miniature size of these kerosene lighters makes it a highly portable solution. It is designed to be safe so you don’t want to worry about using it under any condition. The construction of this device is strong and durable.


  1. Super Quick Electric Firestarter

This is another superb option that can help you start a fire very conveniently. With this electric fire starter, getting the job done is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to turn on the power indicator and then stick the device on the charcoal so the fire will be started. In addition to starting a fire, it can work as a bottle opener as well. This can be one of the best options for outdoor BBQ settings and picnic occasions.


  1. Retractable air straw

You can use this retractable air straw to start a file with other basic tools. It comes as a cylindrical shape that allows you to provide oxygen straightaway to the tinder-bundle. It is made out of rust-proof, high-standard material that lasts very long and therefore, it matches outdoor uses perfectly.


  1. Portable Solar Dish

This device is not just to start a fire but to enjoy some excitement of science as well. This solar dish can convert the heat (light) of the sun into the fire when there is the correct setting. In fact, this device doesn’t require any fuel to ignite a fire. Instead, it utilizes sunlight to make a fire on the aluminum spring installed at the center. One downside of this device is that it doesn’t work when there is no adequate sunlight is available. However, for added fun and excitement, this is a superb option.


  1. Klook fire drill kit

This is another exciting piece that lets you experience what our ancestors did. In other words, this fire drill kit uses the friction of food to make fire. This set comprises of a hardwood fire bow, a spindle and a tinder in addition to the pre-notched fireboard. Just like the previous option, this fire drill kit too can deliver exceptional excitement.


  1. Emergency Fire Piston Kit

If you have this emergency fire piston kit, you don’t have to worry about starting a fire regardless of the surrounding. This kit includes hemp silk, an air straw, a lanyard and a carbon cloth to help to make a fire quickly and easily.


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