Choosing the right flashlight for your next expedition



If you are a wise camper who prefers no hassle during your outdoor expedition, your checklist must have a good flashlight. As a novice camper, you must know that not all the lights and torches may not be suitable for camping purposes. Therefore, every camper should know how to choose a flashlight that matches their purpose.


It is true that there is no shortage of flashlights with different features. However, most of the flashlights come with pretty similar characteristics. The size, the battery and the amount of the light must be good to call it a good flashlight.


The dimensions  

When it comes to a purpose like camping, the dimensions play an important role. It is true that the size, shape, weight, and material used are important. But the dimensions of the flashlight are very important. For instance, how can you switch it on? Does it come with a clip? Is there a way to change the focus of the light? In general, a good flashlight must have a sturdy switch to turn it on and off. Also, it must have a convenient option to change the beam’s focus. The key is that you should be able to handle it even with the gloves or when you have cold hands.


When it comes to the material, it must be made out of sturdy variety. In addition to that, it should be lightweight. The best flashlights usually come with scratch-resistant and water-resistant features as well.



The right kind of battery will ensure that your flashlight gives light for a longer period with high power. This is very important especially when you are out there in the wild. Some flashlights may have powerful lights but they don’t last long. On the other hand, some flashlights have a very long battery life but the light is not that powerful. So, you should be smart enough to find an option with the balance of power and battery life.


Some flashlights are powered by rechargeable batteries while others have disposable ones. You should be smart enough to pick an option that matches your purpose. For instance, if you are out for a long time, replaceable batteries will be better (make sure you have enough extra batteries when you go out).


Adequate light

It goes without saying that light is a very important aspect when choosing a flashlight. As of today, flashlights come with different light settings so you don’t have to buy different flashlights to match every purpose. These flashlights have different beams which are adjustable depending on your requirement.


When the flashlight is focused on a longer target, it must give a powerful beam. On the other hand, it must be able to cover a wider area once focused on a nearby target.


Buying high-quality flashlights is not that hard thanks to online stores like They have a wide range of flashlights with different characteristics to choose from. After all, buying a good flashlight is one of the smartest choices for any camper. 

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